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50% OFF PURCH. $10+ Crocks, Vintage Furniture, Depression Glass, Vintage Tools

Client owned an antique store on State Street in Lemont for years. items listed below are just a small representation of what is available. This is a great sale for collectors, resellers and repurposers. So many great things to see. Please do not park in bank parking lot adjacent to house. Bank says No! Sorry latest update 


  • Vintage Secretary Desk/China Cabinet
  • Vintage Dressers
  • Vintage Wash Stands
  • Vintage Dining Room Chairs (Different Styles)
  • Vintage Round Oak Table with Chairs (Has hidden safe)
  • Vintage Side Hutch/Cabinet (Beautiful with Carvings-Mint Condition)
  • Vintage White Wicker Table
  • Vintage White Wicker Vanity/Desk
  • Vintage Wagon (Great Project Piece)
  • Vintage Phonograph (Working)
  • Vintage Side Tables
  • Vintage Metal Bed Frames (Several types and sizes available, great for gardens!)
  • Iron/Glass Coffee Table
  • Vintage White Cabinet (Super Cool!)


  • Maple Leaf Crocks (So many styles and sizes)
  • Crocks
  • Vintage Crock Jugs (Good Variety Available!)
  • Vintage Books
  • Vintage Tools
  • Vintage Yard Tools
  • Vintage Greeting Cards
  • Knives
  • Binoculars
  • Cameras
  • Vintage Advertising Posters
  • Albums
  • Gibson Blue/White Japanese Dishes
  • Lewis H. Culver Ithaca Dishes
  • England Chinese Dishes
  • Depression Glass
  • Vaseline Glass (Large Selection)
  • Vintage Blue Mason Jars with Lids
  • Vintage Metal Pump
  • Vintage Medicine Bottles (Huge Selection!)
  • Vintage Coffee Pots (White, Red, Blue)
  • Vintage Decorative Plates (So Many!)
  • Vintage Wire Baskets
  • Vintage Wash Tubs (Many Types and Sizes, great for Planters)
  • Enamel Pans
  • Vintage Utensils
  • Rugs
  • Sport Equipment
  • Wilson Basketballs
  • Vintage Easels
  • Vintage Wood Clamps
  • Vintage Wood Screen
  • Vintage Bench
  • Vintage Metal Magazine Rack
  • Life Magazines
  • Planters
  • Vintage Religious Artwork
  • Dolls
  • Vintage Wash Bowls/Pitchers
  • Vintage Chamber Pots
  • Vintage Ceramic Dresser  Sets

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