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50% off $10 or more Legos, Video Games, Crafts, Fairy Garden, Cameras, Model Kits

Due to Wheatons bylaws we are only open Thursday and Saturday. Sorry for any inconvenience.

be extremely cautious where and how you park. The association and residents have made it clear they won’t give any warnings on illegal parking or cars blocking driveways. Please be patient with us as work to keep all parties content. Thank you


This is a packed townhouse with many brand new items. Something for everyone! Descriptions are a small selection of the many items available, far too much to list all.

Living Room:

  • Legos (NIB - Rare Simpson House #71006 , Harry Potter, Star Wars, Creator, Creator Holiday, Lone Ranger, City)
  • Matchbox Cars (NIB, large loose variety of cars available also)
  • PS 4 Games (Large Variety)
  • Musical Instruments (Clarinet etc.)
  • Models
  • Jewelry - Juicy Couture, LuluBug, Tiffany, Sterling Silver, Handmade Selection)
  • Remote Control Car 
  • Variety of Vintage Postcards
  • Apple Earbuds, Chargers
  • Boom Boxes
  • Planters, Terrarium Containers
  • Soil (Special Types, Large Selection)
  • Succulent Containers
  • Ceramic Animal Figures
  • Vintage Cigar Box
  • Matted Photographs (Large quantity, Racing, Scenery)
  • Artwork
  • Dining Room Set
  • Portable Bar
  • Serving Bowls
  • Binoculars (Celestron, Go Sky, Vintage)


  • Crate and Barrel Dinner Set
  • Crate and Barrel Serving Bowls/Platter
  • Fiesta Bowls
  • Vintage Primary Colors Bowl Set
  • Keuring Coffee Machine
  • Coffee Press
  • Silver Plated Coffee Pots
  • Oneida Silverware Sets
  • Kitchen Utensils
  • Bundt Cake Pans
  • Cookie Sheets
  • Muffin Pans
  • Mini Bundt Cake Pans
  • Hamilton Beach Iron (Like New)
  • Glass Sets/Coffee Mugs
  • Toaster Oven
  • Electric Fry Pan (NIB)
  • Air Fryer (NIB)
  • Planters (NIB)
  • Cleaning Supplies (Chemicals, Buckets, Swifter)


  • Planters
  • Standing Planters
  • Garden Tools
  • Plant Food/ Potting Soils/ Decorative Rocks
  • Fish Tanks
  • Fish Tank Supplies (Filters, Filter Pads, Hoses etc.)
  • Fish Tank Decorations (Gravel, Figures, Houses etc.- very large variety and quantity)
  • Terrarium Decorations (Large Variety of New Items
  • Fairy Garden Decorations (Large Variety of New Items)
  • Vintage Trunk
  • Vintage Wagon Wheel
  • House Decorations
  • Kitchen Items


  • Crafts:
  • Jewelry Making (Beads, Chains, Earrings, Tools)
  • Scrapbook (NIP)
  • Stamping (NIP)
  • Knitting (NIP)
  • Small Gift Items
  • Fish Tank Decorations
  • Pet Supplies (Cages, Toys, Leashes NIB)
  • Board Games (NIB)
  • Coats
  • Office Supplies
  • Painting Supplies


  • Women Clothes (L, XL, 2XL)
  • Women Coats
  • Women Shoes
  • Oak Bedroom Set
  • Crafts
  • Books
  • Linens - Sheets, Towels, Comforters, Quilts






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