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Beautiful rugs,—

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Turkmen/Turkmen Bag Face Rugs

Asmalyk Animal Cover

Turkmen Animal Trapping

Turkmen Tekke 6.6 x 3.11 (1925~)

Native American Early 20th century 9'4'' x 4'2" (Great Colors)

Caucasian Prayer Rug 

Sarouk Rug 3x5 (1930~)

Turkmen 2.4" x 3.4"

Turkoman Wall Hanging/Door Surround 5’ x 17’’

Caucasian Design Rug 3'5" x 70" possibly Turkish50years ago

Chinese Mat 2x3 (Blue)

Turkmen Kelim Mixed Technique

Early 20th Century Kurdish Rug Boteh Design 7"10" x 5'x4"

Turkmen Rug Ensi 5’ x 3'5"

South Persian Khamseh Boteh 5'4" x 5'

Mid-Century Turkmen Rug 4'8' x 3'5"

Khamseh Rug 4'6"x 3'8"

Afghan War Rug 1980's

Kerman Rug 4'9"x2'10" (Broken Border)

North African Weaving 3ft x 25" (Contemporary 20-25years)

Turkmen 53"x39"

Turkmen 4ft x37"

Kurdish/Khamseh 57"x41"

Baluchi Bag Face 21"x27"

Turkey- 23.5" x 25"

Contemporary Matted Turkish/N. African 23" x 25"

Turkmen Mixed Media 2' x11"

Baluchi Animal Bag

Single Baluchi Bag 1980's

Turkmen Bag

Contemporary Turkmen Prayer Rug 3'4" x 2'5"

Baluchi Bag Face Early 20th Century 2'8"x 2'7"

Turkmen Bag Face to be hung 4'8"

Kashan Rug Fragment

Turkmen Yomud Fragment of a Tint Band 38" x 17"

Turkmen Bag Face 4'7" x 17"

Small Turkmen Bag Face

Turkmen Yomud 2' x 22"

Small Turkmen Bag Face

Chinese 6’ x 2'10" 1930's

Persian Tabriz 64" x 44.5"

Khamseh 62' x 41.5"

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